Greetings from NCTU School of Law

Welcome to the National Chiao Tung University School of Law (NCTU Law), where innovation, excellence and leadership thrive. Here at NCTU Law, we are strongly committed to providing our students with an exceptional and intimate environment for learning. We accomplish this through maintaining a small student body size, which allows students to find the intellectual exchange they seek with their fellow classmates and the faculty.
We make it our mission to prepare students for leadership roles in the rapidly evolving world. Our belief in diversity, responsibility and social awareness has driven us to reach beyond borders and collaborate with distinguished law schools from across the globe. Interaction among different cultures and nations is highly regarded, and we encourage graduating students to continue their studies overseas.

We are in an ongoing quest to search for new areas of legal education to incorporate into our curriculum. NCTU Law offers pioneering interdisciplinary studies between law and economics, technology, medicine, psychology, gender and other fields. We believe that our diverse course offerings enable our students to see the different perspectives of law.

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